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About Bashpole Software, Inc., a 100% Remote Work Company

Bashpole Software, Inc. creates technology to change the world by helping non-profits gain online visibility at a scale hitherto impossible, namely our upcoming software. It will automate what we have done for years by hand: help nonprofits get and make maximal use of free advertising from Google. We help all eligible causes and have a special interest in countering misinformation. Apply your creativity and drive for learning experiences with us in departments such as Marketing, Digital Media, Business, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Technical Writing, and Human Resources. Check our Careers Page to see all open positions and testimonials from past interns:

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Bashpole Software has had all job and internship position be 100% remote for over 8 years. Even before the pandemic, our team has enjoyed the quality of life improvements that come from cutting out the commute, having flexible-time-of-day working hours, and being able to work from wherever a good Internet connection is available. As such, our diverse current staff and interns are located throughout the United States and the world.


Software Engineering Internship Season 1.A

June 2021 - September 2021 North Webster, IN
“My internship at Bashpole was an amazing learning experience and very rewarding. As my first industry-level internship, I feel that the work given to me was challenging yet manageable. I was able to learn many new skills in Java, HTML, and CSS as well as working with new software like AWS EC2. Benjamin Ashpole was a great manager and mentor and always had time to help his interns with any issues they may have with their projects. Having a mentor who really cares about his interns was an especially welcoming quality of my internship. Looking back, I can truthfully say that this internship has prepared me well for any future software engineering jobs I may get.”

Marketing Consulting 1.C Intern: UI/UX for Web Applications and Mobile Apps

June 2021 - September 2021 North Webster, IN
“Since even before the beginning of my time at Bashpole, the company page on our website explicitly states this will not be an internship for those who are expecting the rigor of a coffee-fetching internship. Bashpole has followed through their promise of a meaningful and fully-immersive experience in which interns learn a lot about the company, expectations of their role, and themselves as an employee in the workforce. By following through on their promise, supervisors value honesty and speaking up when there is a need to further delve into a topic, instruction, etc… I have found that the supervisors and interns alike see every employee as a human capable of great contributions. One of the ultimate pleasures I have had working here is working with employees who have a willingness to drop what they are doing and help others who request their assistance. ”
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