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As an employee at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, we hope you will find your job challenging and rewarding. Dealing with people will be the most important function of your job. We believe that our friendliness, professionalism and attitude make us different from our competitors.

At Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, we do not sell Guest Rooms, meals or service; we deliver a Unique Caribbean Experience.

People make great resorts. Every Department is a vital part of the success of Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. Take pride in yourself and do your best, and the job will reward you many times over with satisfaction and personal growth. Again, Welcome to Bolongo Bay Beach Resort! We wish you much success.


Guest Activities Coordinator

June 2018 Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
“I loved the fact that I was actually working on a beach in the Caribbean because no matter how the day would be going, there was always the view of the ocean and the palm trees to keep you relaxed.”
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