Breakout Games

About Breakout Games

This isn’t your average outing or everyday experience—Breakout is for those who would rather solve mysteries than watch someone else have all the fun. With different rooms that follow unique storylines, you and your friends will have 60 minutes to escape your adventure of choice by cracking codes, solving puzzles and following clues. Part problem solving, part adrenaline, end-to-end fun.


Game Master

July 2019 - July 2020 Asheville, NC
“Work atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly! The manager of the store works well with students to navigate around their class schedules. I got to work with a lot of really cool people that were in a similar age range to me which was nice and honestly the work t-shirt that they give you is still one of my most comfiest t's to date!”

gamemaster/ lobby host

April 2017 Mobile, AL
“The hours are extremely flexible and my coworkers are great we are like a big family.”
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