Cadence Music Strategies LLC


May - August 2021 • Nashville, TN

What I liked

Working with Martha Kenny at Cadence Music Strategies has been an excellent experience! The company has as small, independent feel, so relationships with artists are priority number one - which I love. My time was spent learning about playlisting, interacting with DSP platforms, social media marketing & advertising, and much more. Considering Cadence is on the smaller side, I was able to work with Martha directly whenever I was scheduled, therefore streamlining communication and making my suggestions heard and understood. Overall one of the best internships I've had!

What I wish was different

Working at any startup inevitably has its high and low moments. Fortunately, during my time as an intern for Cadence Music Strategies, we have been lucky enough to mainly experience the former.


While it may be at the beginning of its lifespan, Cadence Music Strategies is growing quickly and steadily. Communication is key in the CMS workplace, and is prioritized as such. It is an excellent work environment and everyone who comes on board ends up loving the rest of the team, but hard work is a must. Cadence's fast growth can be attributed to Martha's tireless work ethic, a quality that is expected of every employee.
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