Hello University (under DimensionTech LLC)

About Hello University (under DimensionTech LLC)

Hello University is a platform under the company DimensionTech LLC. We are a startup group based at the University of Michigan.
We found that a lot of the students who come to the US universities or colleges to study, have trouble adjusting to the university culture (whether you're from the US or from another country). For international students, there are often miscommunications, slight language or accent barriers, or even cultural barriers with certain expressions. For students within the US, there are often times where students don't have much insight into the specific programs or culture. Some students have never had the opportunity to hear about higher education possibilities or see students who look like them in positions of success. We wanted to create an accessible mentorship platform to smooth the transition from high school to college for students around the world. We created an online platform where students could talk to US students in colleges to
Better understand university-life (academics and social)
Better understand a specific college/major
Learn about possible paths that they had never heard about
Help them practice their English



May 2019 - May 2020 Ann Arbor, MI
“You meet and connect with people from across the globe It's awesome to see your mentees gain confidence and ability with every conversation. There are incentives in place to keep in touch with the same mentees, to be punctual, and to take pride in your work. There was extreme flexibility in this job, and when I needed to leave my position the process was easy.”


April 2020 Ann Arbor, MI
“I like being able to talk to people of all ages and learn about their lives and interests. It's great when you find a shared interest, goal, or passion to discuss, and then it's really like you're just getting paid to have a nice conversation with someone. The team behind Hello University is also transparent and easily reachable if you experience any difficulties.”
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