About HERE

Maps have always been at the heart of our mission. Only the maps we are creating today are very different from those we grew up with.

Powered by our leading location cloud and enriched with dynamic data, maps from HERE are becoming increasingly real time – capturing the changing world like never before.

We believe they will play a critical role in improving mobility for people and enterprises, making driving safer and more enjoyable, and reducing emissions.

HERE provides high quality maps for consumer, enterprise and automotive applications. To be useful to customers, our maps must be updated on a continual basis to provide the most relevant information. Making these updates presents a challenge because of the scale of the problem: very few elements change locally, but worldwide a large number of changes are made. As a result, manual review of changes is practically impossible. We instead make use of GPS data obtained from a number of sources including cell phones and vehicles. Every day we ingest billions of data points that provide a vibrant snapshot of activity throughout the world.


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August 2018 - August 2019 Orem, UT
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