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About Hers Magazine

Hers promotes and enhances the success of ambitious women by sharing knowledge and tools for personal enrichment and professional growth to improve herself, her family, her community and her future.
Hers magazine is not just for women who simply exist. It’s for those who impact people at home, within their social group, at work, in the community or wherever they go. She fills him, her and them, but she is often left feeling empty or even taken for granted. So this is Hers, just for her – her space, her place, her magazine. Here is where she can be refilled and refreshed with things that interest her and keep her balanced in her outlook and activities.


News writer

June 2020 - August 2020 Atlanta, GA
“We had the freedom and flexibility to be creative and individual in each of our article pieces. We could present the news we were most interested in while putting a personal flare on it. The other interns were also very talented and friendly to work with even simply over Zoom meetings. ”
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