Walker Die Casting, Inc.

About Walker Die Casting, Inc.

Walker has been producing quality aluminum die castings since 1958. Key to this long history of customer satisfaction has been the extensive individual experience of our personnel. Currently numbering 650, these employees average more than ten years of industry experience.

Equally important in delivering value with castings is the ability to maintain technical expertise. Through continued investment in training and technology, Walker can provide its customer-partners with invaluable support in the areas of product design and process development.

A third cornerstone of the Walker business model is fiscal responsibility. The company is well positioned in the market to react quickly to emerging opportunities, as well as provide long-term reliability. A solid reputation of integrity and excellence attests to the organization's underlying character.

Automotive Powertrain Components
Transmission Housings and Covers
Transfer Cases
Converter Housings
Oil, Air and Water Pump Housings
Bell Housings
Adapter Plates
Oil Pans
Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Applications
Transmission Housings and Covers
Front Engine Covers
Marine Applications
Upper and Lower Drive Units
Gear Cases
Exhaust Housings
Flywheel Housings
Agricultural/Lawn & Garden
Transmission Housings and Covers
Small Engine Housings
Lawn Mower Decks
Axle Housings
Spindle Housings
Appliance/Power Tool Applications
Transmission Housings
Table Saw Tops

Casting Process Equipment
35 Die Cast Machines (800-3,500 tons)
3 MPH 60,000 lb. Reverberatory Furnaces
3 Warwick 15,000 lb. Tilting Barrel Furnaces
Ladle and Dosing Electric Holding Furnaces
Hot Oil Die Temperature Control
ABB Robotic Part Extraction
Lubrication Spray Robotics:
- RimRock 410
- ABB 6400S
- Acheson 1 & 2 axis
Hydraulic Trim Presses (20-100 tons)
Custom Trim Machines
Flow-thru, spinner/hanger & tumble deburr systems
Loctite Anaerobic Resin Impregnation Machining Equipment
Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Machining Centers
- 170, 500 & 630 Series CNC
Custom Dial Index Machining Centers
Parlec Tool Setting
Part Washing

Inspection Equipment
X-Ray Machines
Brown & Sharp DCC Coordinate Measuring Machines
Datamyte SPC
- air-under-water
- air-decay
- mass-flow


Process Engineer Intern

May 2016 - June 2017 Lewisburg, TN
“Good people, willing to teach, ”
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