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How do I prepare for an interview for an Academic Advising position at Augsburg University?

To prepare for an Academic Advising position at Augsburg University, you can do some of the following things: Schedule an informational interview for 30mins with a current Academic Advisor to ask them how they got to this position. What did they major in. What skills do they need. Research about ...
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If you have taken on the role of an academic advisor at Augsburg University, what did your work day often look like?

The moment I walk into my office, I take these steps: Check my voicemail and return calls ASAP Look at my Google Calendar to see how many appointments I have for the day and start prepping for them As the day goes by, meet with students 1:1 to review their academic plans. Could be short term, lon...
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Anybody here willing to discuss what it's like to be a researcher at Augsburg University?

An academic-year research requires a commitment of 100 hours of research throughout two semesters. In many cases, the students will spend more than 100 hours working. A summer research can be half-time (20hr/week) or full-time (40hr/week), from mid-May to the end of July. Work varies depend on yo...
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