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Seeking advice for a referee interview with the Boys and Girls Club!

Make sure you understand the rules of the sport you are applying for. Be ready to answer questions about your ability to deal with children and their parents, as well as questions about your leadership abilities. They are looking for friendly outgoing people with an excitement for sports and chil...
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How would you describe the company culture at Boys and Girls Club?

The company culture at the club is very lively. There is always something going on and people are always really happy to be apart of it. Work meetings are full of games after the business is taken care of and it's like one big family. The last meeting I went to ended in a dodge ball tournament!
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How much work-life balance should someone expect as a basketball scorekeeper and referee at Boys and Girls Club?

I only worked about a 5 hour shift 5 days a week, combined with 3-6 hours of basketball on Fridays and weekends. They're super flexible with hours. As long as you give them some advance on needing time off you'll most likely get it. It's really nice to work somewhere that I can still have plenty ...
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What did you like and dislike about being an Area and Field Trip Assistant / Basketball Scorekeeper and Referee at Boys and Girls Club?

I really liked being able to be around the kids all day and play games with them because it really doesn't feel like work. I also really enjoyed going on the field trips with the kids because it allowed me to do something different like play laser tag with them instead of the usual activities at ...
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Compared to its main competitors, what are some areas where Boys and Girls Club stands out?

I think the community and the way they run their program is better than anything else I've seen. They make learning new things fun for the kids which can often times be a challenge. They want it to feel like a place the kids can feel safe to be their own person and not have to worry about school ...
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What does it take to succeed at Boys and Girls Club?

To succeed at the club you need to be outgoing and a team player. It's very important because there are a lot of times where you'll need to cover for someone or do something that might not be the most fun job like cleaning bathrooms but everyone does it at some point. You just have to make sure y...
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Is there anything I can do to prep for an interview for a swimming instructor job at the Boys and Girls Club?

Look online at interview questions targeting classroom management, not only in regards to the students but also dealing with parents. Really thinking about how you would want to run your lessons in the best-case and worst-case scenarios will help with most interview questions.
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I know it isn't the same for everyone, but what's it often like working as a swimming instructor at the Boys and Girls Club?

Show up to work in the late afternoon, set out lessons equipment, get in the water and call your kids, take roll, and start teaching. The majority of the time lessons blur together, especially if you don't teach a variety of levels, but it isn't uncommon for a kid to be having a bad day and to ne...
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