Cerritos College

Embedded Tutor

May - July 2018 • Norwalk, CA

What I liked

I loved interpreting Economic concepts and principles to students who require examples and clarification. Working with students allowed me to further enhance my understanding of the fundamental principles of Economics. Being on the other side of the classroom gave me a different perspective of learning which guided me to renew my own study habits.

What I wish was different

The class schedule was a bit tight and did not allow flexibility. Some students unfortunately were not able to attend tutorials given the narrow window my schedule offered. Obtaining a students attention on a subject that they knew nothing about took some time and energy. I wished the school would've allowed me to work more hours in order to meet the demand of students who needed assistance.


There is no better reward than helping those who want help. The very small portion of students who looked for help ended with the highest grades regardless of how difficult the subject seemed at first. All the admiration I received at the end of the class for my services made me feel accomplished that I didn't waste my summer just working like I had in the past.
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