CF Industries

About CF Industries

CF Industries is a global leader in transforming natural gas into nitrogen. The chemical processes we use ensure we have the nitrogen we need to support life on earth - from fertilizer that feeds the crops that feed the world to products that remove harmful emissions from industrial activities. Through our nine world-class manufacturing complexes and best-in-class distribution system, we serve agricultural and industrial customers. We invite you to be a part of our nearly 3,000 employees making a difference every day.


Scheduling Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Donaldsonville, LA
“I really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to learn as much as you wanted to. It was an opportunity that really was what you made it to be. The staff was very accommodating to allowing you to learn different processes/skills other than what you were assigned to. Overall, it was the most valuable internship I have experienced thus far.”

Mechanical Engineer Intern

May 2019 Donaldsonville, LA
“I love working at CFI. I enjoy the work ethic, the environment, the people, and the actual work that has been assigned to me.”
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