City of Portage

About City of Portage

We are a local government municipality established in 1963. We take the needs and desires of our community very seriously and strive to improve the experience of living, working or visiting our community. We employ approximately 240 staff to provide the level of customer service, internally and externally, that will continue to make the City of Portage a progressive, welcoming community.
We offer comprehensive benefits to full-time employees including medical from day one, paid leave time, health management programs and an annual 10% contribution (not match) towards your retirement. We actively support various community organizations. We believe in inclusion and that diversity in the workplace allows everyone to contribute their own unique strengths to make a greater whole.



July 2018 - August 2018 Portage, MI
“I liked asking people for feedback that could be used to help improve Portage City parks through various ways. ”
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