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Any advice on turning an internship at DB into a fulltime offer?

Deutsche Bank like other banks offers internships as a way to try out and recruit new full-time employees. Even though the internship is a way for students to gain valuable experience and learn more about the finance career field, they also use it as a way to try out individuals and decide how we...
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Is there much of a work-life balance at Deutsche Bank?

If you find a a job you love. The personal growth you need. Work-life balance is not just about finding a balance, it's about finding your work life fit at Deutsche Bank. Work-life balance is a top goal for many Finance professionals, but many – including myself – struggle to achieve it for diffe...
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Any advice you can give before I interview with Deutsche Bank?

Go into an interview knowing that DB is one of the largest banks on earth. They'll show you how to do everything else so don't let yourself become intimidated.
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What skills are needed to succeed in the data dept at Deutsche Bank?

One should be good at understanding the requirement, note minute detail and handson experience with any Visualization tool such as Qlikview, MS Power BI, Tableau. Though SAS VA tutorial is not easily available online but tutorials on Tableau is in ample. You may explore also Udemy, many a times...
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What skills are needed to be a good associate at Deutsche Bank?

Finance jobs at Deutsche Bank offer high salaries and great perks, making a career in this field very attractive to both young college graduates as well as experienced finance professionals. The Banking and Finance job market is very competitive. The skills you will need to demonstrate in order t...
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What skills are needed for me to succeed as a Summer Analyst at Deutsche Bank?

As with any internship in an investment bank, the nature of the work differs significantly for each division. At Deutsche Bank, I interned in the Global Markets Division, which is primarily concerned with operations in the secondary markets, namely sales and trading. Some necessary skills to be s...
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What are the main qualities/experiences I should point out in an interview for an Analyst role at Deutsche Bank?

For an analyst role interview at Deutsche Bank you should highlight your qualities like attention to detail, analytical skills, quantitative skills, problem solving skills and multitasking skills. (be prepared with personal/academic/professional examples to back your qualities). You should be abl...
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Can someone tell me if DBk offers a mentorship program?

Yes, Deutsche Bank offer a mentorship program. The mentorship program lasts for a year or may be longer. Many experienced employees across different locations offer to volunteer as mentors. They provide with career advice and assistance for the students and young individuals. The mentees also gai...
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Everyone says that if I want to go into finance/banking, DB is THE place to start. Why exactly is that?

I strongly agree that Deutsche Bank is a good place to kickstart a career as Analyst. Firstly, Deutsche Bank is one of the leading global universal bank, making it recognized and a strong brand to work for and adding real value to your resume. Secondly, you would be working with some of the gre...
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What skills are needed to succeed in asset and wealth at DB?

Understanding of how markets work and a basic idea of institutional and retail investing. Communication skill and eager to learn from other professionals across different groups.
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