Gameheads Oakland

About Gameheads Oakland

Gameheads is a youth program at United Roots’ Youth Impact Hub whose goal is to prepare low income youth and youth of color (ages 15-24) for a career in the tech and video game industry. The intention of the Gameheads program is to address the knowledge divide but to do so in a way that is focused on one arm of the tech field: electronic entertainment. Participants of Gameheads will learn how to create, code and design games, building skills across a variety of disciplines from visual art, creative writing, design, programming, sound design, animation, game theory and history.


Game Designer

June 2019 Oakland, CA
“Honestly, I love everything about Gameheads. It probably helps that I’ve always known I wanted to make video games, but the way the program is structured, their mission, and the hands on, collaborative community engaged learning style they adopt to guide our projects all helped shape this experience and make it one of my most memorable summers to date. Gameheads is a very inclusive, diverse, and somewhat unconventional organization that I am proud to be a part of.”
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