Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps

U.S. Government Relations Intern

June - August 2019 • Washington, DC

What I liked

I loved the friendly, down-to-earth staff, and the wonderful work I was contributing to! As a U.S. Government Relations Intern for Habitat for Humanity International, I worked on various projects that helped produce tools and resources that progressed advocacy efforts to achieve affordable and adequate housing, and raised greater awareness on the severity of the housing crisis, an issue I care very much about. As an intern, I also attended meetings and hearings on Capitol Hill, and was able to see Members of Congress, such as members of the Squad, I never expected to be in front of. This internship undoubtedly reinforced my passion and interest in advocating for affordable housing. Being exposed to the greater Habitat network also reminded me of why I love non-profits and community service. The hard work the staff puts into what they do and the good they are doing for the world, and for the people who need it, was so heart-warming. However, I wouldn't have been able to have this unique internship experience while also gaining more insight into the politics behind legislation if it weren't for the UCDC Program. I highly recommend the UCDC Program

What I wish was different


Seize every opportunity and be open-minded! Say "Yes" to events you might not be interested in at first, because you never know what you might learn! Through the UCDC program, I was able to attend networking events, public service fairs, and graduate school expos, but initially this was not part of the plan. I simply agreed to go with a friend and every time, walked away with new knowledge that widened my eyes or realized that grad school was an option for me, something I thought wasn't possible due to my socioeconomic status. Even participating in the UCDC Program was not something I originally had in mind, but I gained a monumental experience I will carry with me for years to come.
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