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About Healthier Kids Foundation

Our mission is to ensure that every child in our community receives the appropriate care that they need to thrive. There is no human endeavor that is outside the realm of health.We believe it should not hurt to be a child. All children should have equal access to the quality health care that they need to be healthy, academically successful, and socially successful–enabling them to become productive adults.

Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County (HKF), formerly Santa Clara Family Health Foundation, believes that it should not hurt to be a child. HKF has made significant strides in its goal of providing universal health coverage to children. HKF has spent over a dozen years advancing the Healthy Kids program and the Children’s Health Initiative, which together have significantly expanded children’s health coverage. The children in Santa Clara County now have the highest rate of health coverage of all of California’s 58 counties. The emphasis of HKF is to focus on children’s health and ways in which it can help children become “Healthier Earlier”.


Health Screener Intern

July 2017 - April 2018 Saratoga, CA
“Learning experience and had the change to work with children in the community.”
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