Heart and Vascular Care

Marketing Intern

June - July 2021 • Cumming, GA

What I liked

I enjoyed the atmosphere and culture of the practice. Everyone was super nice and willing to help me at anytime. They did not technically need an intern during my time there, but they were kind enough to bring me aboard for the summer to learn more about business communication, marketing, time-management, adaptability, and much more. I was able to complete tasks and receive feedback for them, as well as create online content for the practice on Facebook and LinkedIn. I was also able to travel to other primary care practices almost daily to get real marketing experience.

What I wish was different

I wish I had learned a bit more about digital marketing and content strategy. Granted, my immediate supervisors did not know much about marketing through social media because it is not in their day to day tasks and responsibilities. I also wish I had been able to learn more about search engine optimization and how the company creates traffic through their website. However, I was able to experiment with content creation and social media analytics for the first time. I created numerous posts for the brand to gain attraction online, and I was even able to feature a satisfied customer.


It is important to be flexible, curious, and punctual during an internship. Show your supervisors and peers that you enjoy being there and want to provide what is best for the company. Try to learn as much as you can even if you do not think you do. If multiple tasks are given to you at once, make a checklist to get them done efficiently, or ask for help. Also, remember than an internship is a learning experience. An employer will never expect an intern to know everything. Walk in with an open mind and be ready to learn.
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