Helix Electric, Inc.

About Helix Electric, Inc.

Helix Electric was founded in 1985 based on the unique vision of creating a team-oriented and employee-empowered corporate culture. From the start, two words, “opportunities” and “challenges” have been staples in the company lexicon. They were embraced quite literally and when combined with consistent, competitive performance, helped fuel Helix’s power to perform.

Today, Helix is an established industry leader. Our company has expanded to multiple locations and through our remote capabilities, we are accessible to customers in the most important markets in the United States. We feature a comprehensive breadth of service offerings. Through methods of design-build, construction and engineering, we continually seek ways to improve productivity of installation and quality of electrical systems in diverse industries, including:
•Commercial & Retail
•Government & Military
•Healthcare & Biotech
•Hospitality & Entertainment
•Mission Critical
•Multi-Family Residential
•Renewable Energy

By possessing the right management structure and by deploying the best manpower — all of whom commit to each job with confidence — Helix Electric satisfies traditional electrical construction needs and modern ones, like renewable energy.


Project Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Sacramento, CA
“Unlimited growth opportunities.”

Project Engineer

January 2019 - August 2019 Cerritos, CA
“I found the company to have a good work-life balance. The work was also always changing, making the day to day tasks not boring.”
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