About HelpCloud

HelpCloud was developed in 2018 based on the idea that internet users needed a hub for troubleshooting and finding solutions for all things tech.

We're building a go-to tech resolution search engine along with supplemental tech support services and are excited to release additional products and services in the near future.

We believe that AI has a place in this world and it will bring unprecedented efficiency and solutions to human error. Regardless, it cannot replace the human aspect in service and customer care as AI does not have the ability to empathize with whatever difficulties that you are encountering. The edge that HelpCloud has is that we strive to keep it human. Our mission is to aid any user in finding a resolution to their tech issue.


Customer Sevice Representative

July 2018 - August 2019 Orem, UT
“Laid back office environment, great perks like video games and weekly paid lunches, and attentive management”
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