Henry Nickel for Assembly 2018

About Henry Nickel for Assembly 2018

As your next State Assembly Member, I promise to be the voice of working families, seniors, students and small business. I promise to remember where I come from, that I work for you and to remain open and transparent.

Sacramento politicians are out of touch. Our taxes are too high. Crime is destroying communities. The education system is in decline. Good paying jobs are leaving. Housing is unaffordable. More Californians are living in poverty.

Born and raised here, this district is our home. With your vote, we will fix California’s growing problems.

We must hold our representatives accountable. Decisions concerning our lives must be made by us, not Sacramento politicians.

We must repeal the $52 billion gas tax increase and use our tax dollars for the intended purpose. We must invest in a prosperous future by modernizing our infrastructure.

We must invest in local law enforcement. We must stop the release of dangerous sex offenders into our communities by repealing Propositions 47 and 57.

Together we will reduce taxes, support law enforcement, restore our communities, invest in essential workforce skills, grow our economy, increase homeownership and return prosperity to working families.

As a small business owner, former educator and local elected representative who listens to the voice of our community, I am committed to bringing opportunity back to our region and the Golden State.

Together, we can make the California Dream a reality.

I humbly ask for your vote.


Social media and communications

August 2018 - November 2018 Redlands, CA
“I had never once imagined I'd be in charge of a social media platforms for anyone, let alone, someone running for assembly member. It made me realize that I enjoy being creative. The internship has opened my eyes to new career opportunities available. Coming from the military and working for different security companies; it also diversified my resume. ”
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