Her Justice

Language Access Intern

May - August 2019 • New York City, NY

What I liked

Her Justice gave us intern a lot of responsibility that I haven't gotten from other positions that I've held of the same capacity. As a Language Access Intern, I was given a lot of freedom and leeway in terms of what I wanted to do, and much of my suggestions were heard. I feel like this is often rare for interns, and I appreciated the intergenerational respect at HJ. The intern culture at HJ was also fantastic-I got to meet a lot of people my age that were interested in what I was interested in, who were able to offer their unique perspectives to the work we were doing.

What I wish was different

Although I liked the aspect of freedom that I was offered at Her Justice, my experience would've been even better if there was more structure in the program that I was a part of. In some instances, I felt as if I was being thrown assignments with no guidance, and some would disappear, or there would be an oversight in the skills that I possessed.


I would say that you should not doubt yourself when you are applying to intern somewhere like Her Justice, or at any nonprofit of the like. I also think that as an intern, if you are feeling confused by something, speak up! If not, you may not learn a valuable lesson.
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