Hera Biolabs

About Hera Biolabs

Hera Biolabs is an innovative preclinical service and technology provider with novel gene-editing and rat model creation technologies. We created the SRG™ rat, the first commercially available highly immunocompromised rat model, which has been validated for oncology and used routinely for human tumor xenograft studies (OncoRat®). We also have our own proprietary gene-editing technologies, piggyBac transposon and the Cas-CLOVER targeted nuclease system, platforms used for cell-line modification and animal model creation. Hera makes available to researchers in academia and industry our gene-editing technologies and products, as well as our SRG rat. Hera also provides services in these areas, performing cell engineering and in vitro and in vivo oncology studies for clients. Hera conducts all work with excellent scientific rigor and customer service at our laboratories, with a state-of-the art vivarium, in beautiful Lexington, KY.


Marketing intern

February 2018 - August 2018 Lexington, KY
“I learned a lot and experienced new types of marketing”
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