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About High Touch Technologies

*An Employee Owned Company*

It All Started With Passion

Sharing a love of computers and problem-solving, two bright young programmers, Dave Glover and Mark Lenz, went to work with their former college professor, Ted Cary, a guy who “never fit into anybody else’s box.”

Writing custom software and designing systems, the three created their niche in the rent-to-own industry, a market ripe for automation, in the late 1970s and founded High Touch in 1984. Ever since, we have had a commanding presence in the rent-to-own market (RTO), evolving with the industry and with technology. Today, that software is known as Cynergi Suite and continues to allow customers to track inventory, customers and payments.


QA/Documentation Intern

June 2018 Wichita, KS
“I loved getting real world experience in an office setting. The people are so nice and willing to help me out with anything. They also are very flexible about my hours. I learned important skills that apply to any job such as organization, communication, and writing emails in a professional way.”

It analyst

October 2017 Wichita, KS
“Freedom to approach the requirement however I see like. Respects students input in deciding future development.”
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