HILLS Properties

leasing agent

May - August 2021 • Dayton, OH

What I liked

The environment was amazing. The people and the. company were so welcoming and willing to teach me even though I was only going to be there for a short time. I feel like we became a family in the 3/4 months that I was working there.

What I wish was different

I honestly cannot think of what could be different. I did not have one negative thing to say about them through the entire time I was there. They are simply a great company.


Keep your cool. while working at this internship I talked to a lot of residence. Multiple people everyday. There were times when people were calling mad and you have to remember that you need to stay calm. You cannot start yelling back at them. Rather you need to remain calm and hear them out to see if there is anything you can do to help them. If you handle the situation right, they to will calm down and be grateful for your help.
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