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About Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee

We showcase talented Hispanics throughout all stages of their career, from student to executive, while providing our members with opportunities and tools to reach greater levels of success. ​​ We assist in recruiting and retaining Hispanic professionals in the Milwaukee area.


Membership Engagement Intern

June 2020 - October 2020 Dresden, Saxony
“Although the rest of my team was also learning with how to work (from home) during the pandemic, they were still very accommodating to me and my mentor was really on top of making sure that I was achieving my goals; she was always asking me how I'm doing, pushing me out of my comfort zone, and making sure that she's completing all mentor tasks that are required by Alverno for our Intern Seminar (reviews, time logs, etc.). Aside from that, I really enjoyed my experience (and still am, as I got hired to continue to be part of the team!) and everything I have learned. Although I didn't get to shadow my team members to learn things such as software and computer programs, I was always kept in the loop by being included in emails with outside partners (even when they didn't include a task that was directly related to me), and regular weekly zoom meetings (with team members and with outside partners, often more than once a week). I have made valuable connections and even though I am now employed with the organization, the people I have connected with within the org are truly committed to helping boost my career path, even if it isn't with HPGM. Working on a small team means I was able to try my hand at various different tasks, which can be helpful when deciding on a career path (as communication is such a broad field). I have loved being a part of this team and seeing how much they care about their mission and the community they serve. This has been a great opportunity and I am thankful for the career center (Megan Anderson), who passed the opportunity along to me. ”
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