About refine+focus

We are a growth consultancy for companies, causes and leaders. We help clients achieve their goals through our distinct process of clarity creation.

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies in Healthcare (Philips), Cyber Security (Symantec) and CPG (Cold-EEZE, Mylan); we also work Financial Services (Private Equity), venture backed growth companies and their executives.

We create growth with a social mindset and strategic tools including real-time value creation, agile marketing, design thinking and strategic planning. Results include increasing revenue, launching new initiatives, growing influence, building relationships with customers and audiences and improving deal flow.


Marketing & Innovation Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Boston, MA
“Zach and Purnima put so much effort into creating meaningful and important assignments for the interns. The level of exposure I got into the marketing world is unmatched. I got to experience client meetings, was assigned important research and writing ,and they even held a class on strategy every Friday, allowing me to gain even more knowledge. I am so appreciative of the hands-on experience that I received, even through being a remote intern. ”

Marketing and strategy

January 2021 Boston, MA
“refine+focus first and foremost works to make all work engaging for its interns. With an emphasis on personal and professional growth, I experienced a wide variety of projects and even creative assignments I could share with my team. Although I was remote, I was able to become close to all the other amazing interns through projects together and co-learning opportunities. Overall, I felt like I found a community of passionate, intelligent, and caring individuals who worked hard to help me thrive in every way I could. ”
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