Remedy Lice Boutique

About Remedy Lice Boutique

Remedy Lice Boutique is the only chemical free lice eradication service in West Michigan. We work hard to provide the best services to each family and that includes the use of our heated our medical device the AirAlle. The AirAlle gives our clients a secure feeling that it kills 99.2% of all the lice eggs in the hair. Our multi-step approach, chemical free lice eradication system and our amazing staff is what makes our services so valuable.


Lice Technician

August 2018 Grand Rapids, MI
“I love the other technicians and our awesome team environment. Most are other Calvin College students and it’s awesome to work alongside them. In addition to the work atmosphere, I love getting to help families at their lowest point and support and encourage them throughout the whole process. ”
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